Buxton Crescent

Buxton Crescent
Health Spa Hotel

Buxton Crescent today, is the reincarnation of two grand and gracious hotels, well known throughout Georgian England as the premier resting place for stylish spa seekers who came from all over the country to bathe in thermal waters of Buxton.

Originally designed by architect John Carr of York, and the brain child of William Cavendish, the 5th Duke of Devonshire, for centuries this elegant, Grade I listed curved terrace attracted many visitors, some under doctor’s orders, with the promise that the thermal waters would help with the likes of gout, rheumatism and sciatica, until spa treatments went out of fashion and it fell into disrepair.

But after a 17 year project and a £70m redevelopment, including funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, this architectural gem has been refurbished to its former glory so visitors to Buxton Crescent can once more take to the spring waters in the spa’s thermal pool.

Project Scope

Landmark Lifts supplied a total of twelve lifts for this exceptional restoration project; 4 passenger lifts of which three were bespoke fit-outs with brushed stainless steel doors in gold and burgundy cabin trim, a scissor lift located in reception, 4 goods lifts, two for deliveries for carrying goods down to the kitchen and two for transportation of items from the kitchen to the restaurant areas and 3 Aritco 7000 series, two-stop platform lifts including one half-height door, located back of house for staff use, and for disabled access through level changes in the building.

Lift Specification

For this Grade I listed historic building, located in the heart of Buxton, working within the building works parameters brought some restrictions to the design space available in some selective areas.

Investors insisted that the building works must not be allowed to contaminate or restrict the flow of the Buxton water, so to ensure this criteria was met the lift pit depths could only range from 300mm to 1100mm within the floor, depending on the depth and location of the natural spring water. In addition, several of the lift shafts were built many years ago, so the lift design specifications had to fit within those tight constraints.

Landmark Lifts was specified for this exceptional building project, as the company was able to meet both the complicated technical aspects of the project and the stylish aesthetic finishes required.


The bespoke passenger lifts located in reception were specified to complement the stunning, surrounding décor. The lift landing doors were specified in a gold brushed stainless steel, with the skirtings, ceiling, hand rails and controls all in a gold stainless steel with a satin finish, set against an intense black granite floor. The internal cabin fit out was completed by the Client with a burgundy leather panel finish wood panelling to the lower wall section and mirrors above. The lift finish is sleek and stylish, complementing the marble floors and décor of the walls and antique brass finishes of the design concept for the hotel reception.

The short travel scissor lift located at the entrance to the hotel restaurant was specified with glazed doors for an open aspect, and to provide access to level changes between the hotel lobby and restaurant for people with impaired mobility.

The remaining goods lifts and platform lifts are located back of house for staff use and kitchen deliveries and were installed with a standard stainless steel finish, for durability and ease of cleaning.


Landmark Lifts is very proud to have been involved in such a remarkable restoration project at Buxton Crescent. The scope of options available for passenger lifts, scissor lifts, goods lifts and platform lifts offered by the company meant the bespoke solutions required for the range of applications in this unique project, balancing the historical architecture with modern technology, could be achieved to the highest standard.

It also showcases our ability to provide technical solutions to meet demanding building works specifications ensuring the success of a customer installation both technically and aesthetically.


Please contact Nick Taylor at Landmark Lifts for more information about our full range of lifts, designed with a wide range of bespoke options to meet any future project requirements.