Shurgard Self-Storage, Greater London

Shurgard Europe is the largest developer, owner and operator of self-storage centres in Europe, operating in 7 European countries including the UK with 28 locations in London and the Thames Valley.

Landmark Lifts was approached by Shurgard as they were being let down by their incumbent lift provider on project completion times. Since then Landmark Lifts has developed and provided a bespoke lift package that has become Shurgard’s adopted standard for all their storage locations. 10 new lift installations have been completed for Shurgard over the past 24 months with additional installations already in the pipeline over the coming 12 months.

Project Scope
The scope of this project was initially orientated around the tight time scales required by Shurgard for new lift installations, as they were being let down by their current supplier over achieving agreed completion dates.

Shurgard approached Landmark Lifts around 3 years ago with this issue but we were unable to help them with their first project as the time scale was too tight. Additionally we informed Shurgard that based on our experience, their current provider wouldn’t be able to meet the programme timings either. They insisted they could….but they didn’t!

So Landmark Lifts offered Shurgard a new, efficient programme for lift installations in both their new build and refurbished units in the Greater London area. By simplifying the ordering and specification processes, and by reducing the decision making down to a manageable size, we could instantly provide Shurgard with a guaranteed price and a delivery date schedule that could be met on time….every time!

The challenge with industrial installations is to provide tough and robust lifts coupled with a modern, high-tech style, which most importantly remains looking stylish regardless of the inevitable type of wear and tear you would expect from a high usage goods lift.

To achieve this Landmark Lifts provides and installs high quality stainless steel car finishes, with scratch and water resistant flooring; all fitted and integrated into the Shurgard on-site surveillance and protection security facilities at each individual location.

Our on-going programme with Shurgard is a major success for Landmark Lifts in our industrial market sector. By developing and providing an efficient, bespoke lift package that could meet both Shurgard’s financial targets and installation time scales, we are proud it has become an adopted standard for all their storage locations in the UK. As the project has continued to develop and grow, it has resulted in a strong and professional partnership between the two companies.