Rack & Pinion Hoists

PEGA Rack & Pinion Construction Hoists

Exclusively available in the UK from NLC Nova Lift Company

PEGA Hoists is a world-renowned manufacturer of rack-and-pinion construction hoists and permanent industrial lifts. Designed to be suitable for all environments, PEGA Hoists provides solutions for all rack-and-pinion lifting technology challenges including specialist areas such as explosion proof, chemical and antistatic environments.

Within the vertical transportation rack–and-pinion lifting industry, PEGA Hoists proudly holds three world records, achieved during its exclusive contract to supply hoists for the construction of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai – the tallest building in the world.

These amazing records include the longest single run at 425 m, the fastest non-counter-weighted hoist at 100 m/min and the world’s highest, a 625 m base station rack-and-pinion permanent hoist. At the height of the construction phase, PEGA had 15 hoists on the Burj Khalifa tower. Four double-caged hoists rising from ground level, two other double-caged hoists of the same type based at 425 m lifted to 600 m. Three smaller, single cage “jump” hoists, mounted at the 425 m level and shifted higher as needed, that travelled 80 – 120 m to handle most of the intense inter-floor traffic.

But it’s not only breaking world records that interests PEGA, they deliver truly reliable solutions for all types of projects from Australian mines to the US oil refineries, from power, chemical, steel and cement works, to all kinds of industrial plants and many other smaller construction projects.

With such a reputation to deliver long-term reliability, contractors can be assured that using PEGA hoists will speed the construction of any project, by reducing travel time to working heights, allowing easy access of building materials to required floors and the availability of world record, world class equipment for any project.

Meeting agreed construction deadlines and budgets are of vital importance to any major project, so this level of reliability from PEGA rack-and-pinion hoists is backed up by thorough service and maintenance programmes that operate daily, weekly or monthly to ensure schedule performance is met as well as optimizing the critical flow of materials and workers.

NLC Nova Lift Company is the appointed PEGA supplier, service and maintenance sole agent for PEGA Hoists in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

We partner and work with PEGA specialists to meet all your vertical goods and people transportation requirements.