Hydrotherapy for Dogs

The Pawseidon hydro-hub for dogs, based in Poole, Dorset, was established just one year ago for the single purpose of alleviating suffering and promoting the well-being of canines. Owner James Hill, who previously worked with military working dogs in the Royal Marines, understands first-hand the powerful benefits of hydrotherapy following his own rehabilitation from injuries sustained during his active service. His passion for working with dogs has driven him to set up this extraordinary business, working alongside veterinary practices and owners to ensure the best care and well-being for man’s best friend.

Pawseidon offers a range of services to dogs following operations, injury or in old age for both rehabilitation and for maintaining good general health. Through vet referrals, a program is usually designed to support a variety of complaints from strengthening muscles, ligaments and joints to myelopathy, orthopedic breaks or arthritic or water phobia issues. The program is based around a range of therapies typically completed in the
heated pool including hydrotherapy, hydro-treadmill, physiotherapy and myotherapy.

Project Scope

Landmark Lifts’ involvement in this project was to provide a two-stop platform lift to allow Pawseidon to expand their business to the second floor of the building. With restricted ground floor space, it was critical for them to be able to utilise all the space available, but for dogs with injuries or those that had undergone recent operations, using the stairs was not an option.

Installation of the platform lift ensured that any dog arriving for a consultation or appointment could easily move without risk, between the two treatment floors as needed. In addition, the lift installation ensured anyone with impaired mobility could either raise themselves to a height that allowed visibility into the pool, or have access to the mezzanine floor.

The platform lift transformed the space allowing easy access to the second floor, opened up additional consultation and treatment rooms such a laser therapy room and also allowed Pawseidon to lay Astroturf providing a play and socialising area for both dogs and owners to relax in.


The specification for design of the platform lift was driven by the need for passengers to have full visibility across the hydro-hub pool area. This was easily achieved by having glass walls installed to all sides of the platform lift as well as a glass door. The external finishes were simple and clean to match the surrounds and interior design of the building.


Landmark Lifts’ was proud to be involved with this exceptional project and to have had the privilege of working alongside such a dedicated and passionate team at Pawseidon. The platform lift installation continues to provide practical assistance for the movement of dogs with injuries or those recovering from operations as well as for people with impaired mobility. As a nation of dog lovers, the platform lift also provides great pleasure to owners now able to view their dogs exercising in the hydro-hub pool during the therapy sessions, either directly from the lift or from the mezzanine area above. Further information can be found at or follow Pawseidon on Facebook and Twitter.