Caring Kindergartens

Caring Kindergartens, Milton Keynes

Caring Kindergartens, Milton Keynes is a new purpose built nursery offering child day care for infants from 12 weeks, through to toddlers and up to pre-school 4 year olds. The nursery is housed within a spacious, two-storey, state of the art, high specification building, with additional outdoor play areas, associated parking, pedestrian pathways and landscaping.

To ensure the new building met all Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations, Landmark Lifts was contracted to supply and install a high quality, platform lift allowing easy movement of all staff and visitors between the two floors. The lift style, design and operation were specifically chosen to provide ease of use, durability for demanding environments as well as practicality and aid for people with impaired mobility  to ensure access to all services and facilities within the building.

Project Scope
The Aritco 7000 lift installation on this project was primarily required to ensure the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations for the newly built nursery were fully met, by ensuring all services and facilities were made fully accessible to all visitors and staff.

This stylish platform lift was recommended by Landmark Lifts as it is designed specifically for this type of application. and encompasses all the features required to make it DDA complaint with building regulations, for people with impaired mobility (Part M). It was also fitted with 1 hour E160 fire and smoke rated doors with wideners, improving on the original specification, and an intercom system. Working with contractors Watson & Cox Construction, the engineering teams from both companies were able to adapt to flexible work schedules as required and ensure a very high quality lift installation and outstanding overall project build. The platform lift was ordered prior to contractors being on site to ensure delivery and project deadlines could be met.

This platform lift model can be can be customised with a choice of different colours, floorings and ceilings as well as LED lighting that offers lower power consumption. The final design was chosen to meet the modern and clean visual style required for the project, to blend with the internal colour schemes of the new building and to comply with the corporate branding requirements of Caring Kindergartens.

“Landmark Lifts supplied and installed a bespoke platform lift for our two-storey, new build contract for the recently opened Caring Kindergartens Nursery in Milton Keynes, to ensure the building met all DDA requirements. We found Landmark Lifts’ on-site engineers extremely knowledgeable, and both flexible and accommodating throughout the duration of the project, easily adapting to our changing work schedules without any problems or issues. Landmark Lifts ensured all deliveries and installations were completed very efficiently and on time, and we would definitely choose to work with them again on future contracts.”

Craig Spencer, Contracts Manager, Watson & Cox Construction Ltd.