Bridal Lift

Bridal Lift, Atrium Hotel

The Atrium Hotel is a brand-new urban retreat, offering guests sophisticated design, contemporary furnishings, luxurious amenities and only the finest food. This iconic hotel allows visitors to experience modern luxury and extraordinary service coupled with the convenience of being only one stop away from London’s Heathrow Airport, catering for travellers and business people alike.

NLC Nova Lift Company became involved in this special lift application, when they received a hand drawn sketch from hotel owner Stephen Hung, with his creative idea for adding a wow factor to the hotel’s wedding reception venue, a majestic Romeo and Juliet balcony glass and gold bridal lift.

Project Scope
The scope of this project was to design and install a bridal lift, to add a wow factor to the Atrium Hotel wedding venue. Hotel owner, Stephen Hung’s vision was to install a Romeo and Juliet balcony glass and gold lift, to allow the bride to descend in majestic style, coming down in full view of all the guests assembled for the wedding ceremony. And after the reception, the couple could ascend as husband and wife, waving to guests as they retire or leave for their honeymoon.

The bridal lift was to provide a setting to make any bride’s dream come true on her special day, by providing a breath-taking centre piece for those very special moments.

Nova Lifts recommended an motor room less (MRL) traction lift, with a square lift car, for maximum visibility on all sides that would purposefully operate at a slow rate of descent from the luxurious top floor bridal suite to the bottom floor staging platform, where the bride would enter the wedding venue.

To achieve the required deadlines of designing, supplying and installing the bridal lift, Nova Lifts worked alongside the hotel architect and structural engineers, working split shifts. For this kind of project, lifts are normally factory preassembled, but to ensure everything was ready on time for a wedding already booked at the venue, the lift was stripped down and delivered in parts.

In addition, as there was no pit on the ground floor, a platform was added to the design to elevate the ground floor, allowing the lift to be fitted. This raised staging area also had to be removeable as the lift was only to be operational for weddings.

NLC Nova Lift Company designed the lift using 3D CAD drawings to finalise the fine details for this special project and installed the bridal lift for the Atrium Hotel. The overall style and design incorporated glass walls to maximise the exposure of the bride, and a gold polished canopy top and bottom of the car to enhance the luxury and opulence of the design. The overall style complemented the other finishes within the wedding venue and the interior design of the bridal lift was achieved through bespoke choices; low LED interior lighting to highlight a white wedding dress, LED exterior lighting around the circumference to spot light the lift within the large venue, and floor and wall designs incorporating customer specific colours and finishes.

Nova Lift Company is extremely proud to have been involved with this project, providing a unique and bespoke design to meet the both the technical requirements of the project, but also the visual concept and wow factor to hopefully exceed the expectations of any bride on her special day.