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Best Design, Flexibility & Value for Money

NLC Nova Lift Co is the appointed sole agent for the supply, service and maintenance of Pega Hoists in the UK and Ireland. We provide experience, expertise and design capability for industrial lifts, specialised hoists and high-rise permanent installations, to meet any on-site applications. Our proven, innovative technology delivers safe, efficient, high-speed and robust solutions, that set us apart from other suppliers.

Pega Hoists is a world-renowned manufacturer of rack-and-pinion construction hoists and permanent industrial lifts. Nova Lift engineers’ partner and work with Pega specialists to meet all your vertical goods and people transportation requirements, through the design, manufacture, installation, certification and project management of this advanced, precision engineering technology, with designs for all site applications whether standard equipment or bespoke systems, with equipment available world-wide.

Nova Lifts and Pega Hoists have heavily invested in our own research and development to ensure the designs and equipment stay at the forefront of technology innovation within the hoist and lift industry. Our experienced design teams work daily to exceed customer expectations in terms of service, technical support and problem-solving skills required for bespoke installations. Our engineering and manufacturing facilities use only the best quality components, providing hoist designs that are safe, efficient, high-speed and robust, that quite literally go beyond the reach of others.

This innovative technology proudly holds three world records, achieved during the exclusive contract to supply hoists for the building of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world. These amazing records include the world’s highest hoist at 700 m, the world’s longest single run at 425 m, the fastest non-counter weighted hoist running at 120 m/min as well as another record-breaking achievement for hoists carrying construction workers, moving up to 4,661 people per day!

The reputation of this innovative technology combines top quality reliability of performance with low maintenance costs. The innovation is driven by none counter-weight designs, coupled with contactless and wireless destination control technology. The cost efficiency of the system, calculated to be 30% lower than other known brands in the market, is driven by power savings, from the stress-less drive and high-speed operation, compared with other hoists. Our success with world-leading projects both proves and demonstrates how the Nova / Pega brands reflect great value and overall performance efficiency on a world-wide scale.

Designed to be suitable for all environments, our rack-and-pinion lifting technology provides solutions for all requirements within the construction industry from Australian mines and US oil refineries, to UK Environmental waste facilities, and from power, steel and cement works, to industrial plants and many other construction projects of all sizes. We also offer reliable and proven options for challenging sectors such as explosion proof applications, offshore installations, Cross rail underground facilities, chemical plants and anti-static environments.

Within the UK market, the Nova / Pega partnership assures contractors of the opportunity to work with today’s best-selling, high-speed hoists and permanent industrial lifts, ensuring world-class equipment that provides best value longevity, long term reliability, robust features and optimization of flow of materials and workers for any construction project. All equipment also complies with all relevant international directives, standards and regulations.