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Goods Lifts

We offer a wide variety of goods lift solutions covering utilising
varying types of drive systems such as multiple chains, hydraulic,
traction, or screw & nut. These goods lifts are specifically designed
to carry goods only or goods and passengers together. We provide
many goods lift solutions varying from small domestic purposes and
industrial or commercial environments such as carrying pallets, boxes,
trolleys and even dumb waiter applications as well as a number of
standard pre-engineered solutions in instances where economy is
an important consideration. We are also able to engineer fully
bespoke solutions.


Why use Landmark Lifts?

Flexibility of lift designs

Variety of sizes and speeds

Dumbwaiter lifts, industrial lifts or pallet lift systems

Wide range of standard pre-engineered goods lift

No obligation design and advice service



Taking advantage of our technical advisory lift service places you under no obligation. We'll help you to choose the right size, capacity, speed, drive system and door type for your goods lift, whether it be a dumb waiter lift, a pallet lift, or for any good lift requirement. Discussions and advice given at the early design stage can help to prevent costly mistakes which can be extremely difficult and expensive to put right at a later date.


Lift regulations and standards

Goods lifts can be split primarily into two categories - goods with passengers and goods only lifts. Each of these categories have to comply with differing regulations and standards - Landmark Lifts has the in-house expertise to meet the needs of each and every application.

Please make use of our Free phone contact number: 0800 652 8138 for further help and advice.

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